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Custom Icons You Can Make in OS X

“How do I make cute, custom icons for web shortcuts or folders on my MacBook?”

This question actually comes up quite a bit. Though it is a simple process, it does require that you do certain steps in order. In this video tutorial, we create an image which is then saved as the new icon for a URL shortcut to Teachers Pay Teachers. This method can be applied to other custom icons you make for folders, aliases, and weblinks. Click on the link below to view the tutorial.

Custom Icons in OS X tutorial edtech technology Apple
Click HERE to watch the tutorial.


This is still a favorite topic when working with elementary teachers. These teachers are really talented in using images and color coding schemes to organize their classrooms, their kids, and even their computer files. You can score a quick home run as a new EdTech by empowering your teachers with this trick. It’s simple and only takes a second or two. This tutorial (above) used Pages to create the custom icon with layers. This trick works equally well on the iPad too. You simply combine parts of the different images you want, layering one on top of the other until you achieve the desired look.

Where to Find Custom OS X Icons

OS X lets you use almost any PNG or JPEG image file as a custom icon, but if you’re artistically challenged, you’ll want to use some of the thousands of beautifully designed custom icons made by Apple fans from all over the net. Here’s a list of some of our favorite sites for finding cool new OS X icons. I prefer to use PNG images with transparent backgrounds. You can specify that in a search to help find the right one for you.

Happy icon crafting!!!

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