Saving Your Data: A Tale of Three Kitties

As the EdTech dude, almost everyone I talk to agrees that it would be horrible if they lost all their data on the computer. Most people have actually experienced this crisis, vowing never to let it happen again. However, when I ask people if they’ve backed up their data I often get blank stares in return. Perhaps it is because backing up your data, while a great idea, is a little confusing to pull off. This post will show you 3 simple ways to back up your data on a Mac without all the frustration and hassle you might expect. Here’s where I will let Grumpy Cat lead the way…
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You Could Just Save all Your Junk to Google Drive

Google Drive is not a bad option if you do not have too much data to save. It is safe and reliable. If anything happens to all of Google’s data then something very bad is happening globally. Warning: Technically the NSA can legally copy your data every time Google shifts it’s data to servers outside of the US. (I say go for it. It’s pretty boring stuff anyway.) Click on the image below for a full tutorial walking you through this process.
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Or Simply Stick all Your Stuff on a Hard Drive

This option is very simple. You have to determine how much you need to store. Get the appropriate hard drive or flash drive. Stick it into your computer. Then drag all your stuff to the drive. Occasionally with Macs you get some formatting and permissions issues, but those are easily fixed by the right EdTech dudes. Click on the image below for instructions to walk you step by step through this method.
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Use Apple’s Groovy Time Machine

I won’t lie. This is my favorite and the one I recommend most to Mac users. Simply put, the utility is awesome sauce with a side of bacon. You can Google Apple Time Machine and find a ton of uses backing up this way. Click on the image below for instructions that will walk you step by step through he back up process. Once you do it, do it again and again to keep your stuff up to date. You won’t regret it!
Apple Time Machine back up data MacBook edtech edtechteacher
Hopefully one of these options suits you. To me, this is one of the most critical things a computer user can do. It is so much simpler than in the past. Hopefully these walk-throughs have taken much of the confusion and ambiguity out of backing up your junk! Until next time… stay grumpy!

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