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Resources to Help You When Deploying Apple TVs

Below is a list of useful resources to help you understand how Apple TVs work and how to deploy and manage them at scale. Apple recently launched a series of new web resources including updated deployment reference guides for Macs and iPads, MDM reference guide, and a platform security guide. Previously these were released as pdf documents available through the Developer portal. With the new format, the information is much more accessible to all users and easier to navigate than traditional pdfs. Their Apple TV documentation and relevant sections are linked below.

In addition to these resources, you should check out the #apple-tv channel on the MacAdmins Slack. There are some really smart people who have deployed many of these devices who will be happy to help guide you along the way.

About AirPlay

AirPlay Recommendations for Apple Devices

AirPlay Discovery in Apple Devices

AirPlay Security in Apple Devices

Device Management

tvOS MDM Payloads

tvOS Restrictions

tvOS Setup Assistant Screens

Wi-FI References

Wi-Fi Specifications for Apple TV

Potential Sources of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Interference

Getting Proper Wi-Fi Capacity

Getting Proper Wi-Fi Coverage

802.11ac Migration – Part 2: What Nobody’s Telling You About 80MHz and 160MHz Channel Bonding

802.11ac Channel Planning – Revolution Wi-Fi

Apple Developer Documentation

Apple Developer – Bluetooth for Developers

Apple Developer Guides and Sample Code

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