Resources for Apple TV Deployment Article

Resources for Apple TV Deployment Article

Below is a list of useful resources I considered while writing various articles about deploying Apple TV. Some of the information comes directly from Apple. Some of it is in direct contradiction of information and advice I received, but has made sense after observing these devices in the field. I am not a wifi engineer, but do have years of practical experience with Apple products in various Aerohive, Cisco and Aruba wireless networks in schools. Take this info with a huge grain of salt. I will update and add to these resources as I continue writing on this topic.


ATV Deployment Article Resources

AirPlay – macOS Deployment Reference

Apple Developer Documentation

Apple Developer – Bluetooth for Developers

Apple Developer Guides and Sample Code


Wi-FI References

Potential Sources of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Interference

802.11ac Migration – Part 2: What Nobody’s Telling You About 80MHz and 160MHz Channel Bonding

802.11ac Channel Planning – Revolution Wi-Fi