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Intro to Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is the technique of having students create stories or first-person narratives that use images, narration and music to frame memories and perceptions about what’s being learned. Telling the stories from the student’s perspective is an essential element that makes this technique so effective. Using the digital medium for storytelling gives students an opportunity to create using the tools that are relevant and meaningful in their lives.
The ability to tell their story in many ways – combining sounds, music, graphics, photographs, and original artwork – allows them to show their perspective and understanding, and express their creativity in a way that engages their auditory, visual and kinesthetic skills.

Storytelling increases learning and engagement in all four core areas. Readily seen for social studies and ELA, but science and math have seen similar gains as well.

Get started now with 8 Steps to Great Digital Stories by Samantha Morra. Then explore the resources below.


Engage Learners with Transmedia Storytelling by Elaine Raybourn is an excellent TED talk and intro to storytelling. Watch her talk in the video below.


Apps and Resources to Get You Started

Intro to Digital Storytelling



This edshelf collection contains apps and web-based resources for digital storytelling. If you can’t find it here, you aren’t really looking! 🙂

CLICK HERE for the resources page.




21 Free Storytelling Tools For Teachers and Students21 Digital Storytelling Resources

This site contains a mix of web-based tools as well as apps. Many will work on Mac, PC, iPad or even Chromebooks. Click HERE above for the list.







Example from a 3rd Grade Classroom


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