Teaching with Minecraft Mods, Plugins & Add-Ons for Minecraft PE Part 2

This article is a continuation of part 1 of Mods, Plugins, and Add-Ons for Minecraft PE. Teaching with Minecraft PE has become much more interesting lately because of the development of new mods and apps.

Multiplayer Mods for Minecraft PE

Multiplayer Mods for Minecraft PEThe Multiplayer Mods for Minecraft PE app allows students to play on hundreds of public modded servers, there are many different types of servers: Adventure Servers, Block Hunt Servers, Capture The Flag Servers, Cops N Robbers Servers, Hunger Games Servers, Economy Servers, Creative Servers, Factions Servers, Lobby Servers, Minigames Servers, PVP Servers, and PVE Servers all in one app.
Multiplayer Mods for Minecraft PE edtech edtechchris

It is easy to join one of these online servers: Open Minecraft->Switch to this app->Choose your interested server->Tap “Join”->Return to Minecraft. Then you can see the server appeared in your minecraft game list. From there, just join the game and enjoy yourself.

Where this app really helps in the classroom is that with it you can host a creative or survival mode server by yourself through this app. Once you host a server, other players can join your server. Currently only a few devices are able to connect to a single iPad running Minecraft PE. This feature helps students engage in tasks requiring collaboration.


Maps for Minecraft PE

Maps Multiplayer Mods for Minecraft PE edtech edtechchrisMaps for Minecraft PE is an app that allows you to load, play, and share custom maps. The cool thing about this, is that you can have kids craft a map that is appropriate for the project you assign. Recreating the Alamo in Minecraft? Why not create a map of San Antonio from the same era to build the Mission?

Map Categories Include:

  • Adventure
  • Creative
  • Horror
  • Minigame
  • Parkour
  • Pixel Art
  • Puzzle
  • PvP
  • Roller Coaster
  • Survival

Plug for Minecraft PE edtech edtechchris K-12 iPad iOS educationPlug for Minecraft PE

Plug for Minecraft PE is another app that extends the functionality and gameplay. It even allows multiplayer support and connections to Minecraft PE servers. Your more experienced Minecrafters will enjoy these features… even if you have no idea what they do! Teaching with Minecraft using these features is exciting and fun.

Plug for Minecraft PE edtech edtechchris K-12 iPad iOS education

Some of the features this app supports include:

Plug for Minecraft PE edtech edtechchris K-12 iPad iOS education

  • Voice Chat – free voice chat while you are playing. Full set of commands to control who can chat.
  • Now you can use commands like ‘give’ to get ANY item (including enchanted items ) in minecraft and lots more in your OWN Minecraft PE Game 🙂 – Add any enchantment to any item!
  • Use the .xp command to gain experience/level up.
  • Post your server online WITH grief protection! (Prevent use of TNT etc, or even breaking or placing blocks!) – private AND public servers supported.
  • Play with your friends over BlueTooth when a WiFi connection isn’t available.
  • Play multiplayer online on hundreds of Pocketmine servers AND thousands of servers hosted by users just like you 🙂
  • Make friends, and invite them to play with you.


Minecraft Skin Studio Encore

Minecraft Skin Studio Encore is an app that lets your students design custom skins to decorate the characters in their Minecraft world. Now you can create, upload and share Minecraft skins on-the-go! Get creative and design an epic skin for your character. Why stick with plain old Steve when you can choose from almost a MILLION community created skins or design your very own personalized skin using this easy to use studio! Students can bring historical and literary characters to life by crafting a look-alike in the game.

There are more apps for Minecraft PE in the app store with new ones being released frequently. Once you have the basics down, feel free to explore. As popularity for Minecraft on the iPad grows, new developments and improvements will continue to add richness to the game.

This article is a continuation of part 1 of Mods, Plugins, and Add-Ons for Minecraft PE.

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