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TCEA 2015 Sessions by EdTechChris

TCEA 2015 – I’m reposting and updating older content from my TCEA 2015 sessions. I will add relevant links to this page and recreate the activities for you to play with, use or steal as you desire shortly.


Lights! Camera! Action! with iMovie

I presented Lights! Camera! Action! with iMovie at TCEA in their iPad Academy for a couple of years. I have retired this presentation, but it is still fun and relevant. If you are interested in using materials from this presentation or having me deliver it at your school, please PM me on Twitter @EdTechChris. The first, Lights! Camera! Action! with iMovie was delivered to an audience of over 300 teachers. It was well received and extremely fun to present. The sound cut out about half way across the room, which was long and narrow. I kept running up and down the aisles like a televangelist to make sure everyone was on the same page. It was like herding cattle with iPads. Lol!


TCEA 2015 Lights, Camera Action iMovie

Welcome to Lights! Camera! Action! with iMovie!

Join us  in this festive romp introducing Apple’s video creation app for iOS will get you creating cool classroom activities in no time.

You will leverage the power of this app to create a scary movie trailer emphasizing just how fiendishly frightening grammar errors can be. If you wish to get a jump start on our project, simply capture any grammar errors you see in public with your iPad’s camera app. We will do the rest together.

Bring your sense of humor. Bring your iPad with iOS 8 and the iMovie App installed. And get ready to have some fun! (Hint: That might be your first grammar error! P.S. My wife teaches English and says this is a really mild one. You can find much better!)


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