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Projecting Your MacBook or iPad Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at physically Projecting your MacBook via a projector or display device. Part 2 looks at using the AirPlay technology to project and Part 3 looks at three different devices or receivers that you can use with your projector or HDTV.

Macs and iOS devices have the capability to project their screen onto another device in the same network using AirPlay. AirPlay relies on a network technology called Bonjour, You will want to make sure that your IT department supports Bonjour for AirPlay to work.

Making AirPlay Work

Both the sending MacBook or iPad and the receiving device must be on the same network. The receiving device is then physically connected to the projector or other display device like an HDTV. This article will explore 3 different solutions for setting up “receiving devices” you can use. Establishing a connection from the Mac or iOS device is the same for all three.
Projecting your MacBook with AirPlay, it is best to go into your System Preferences –> Displays and make sure that “Mirroring Options are displayed in the Menubar.” This will make it easier for you to connect to an AirPlay receiver such as an Apple TV.
edtechchris chris miller projecting yuour macbook or ipad part 2


edtechchris chris miller projecting yuour macbook or ipad part 2
Projecting your MacBook with AirPlay

Then, simply click on the TV looking icon in the MenuBar and select the source you want to AirPlay to. In this picture you can see the annexAPPLETV device in the menu. The device name will change depending on which receiver type you choose. Then sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

Note: If you do not see your icons, but a “blank” screen instead, make sure that you have the “Mirror Displays” check box selected in the Displays settings in System Preferences. You will only see this option when you are actually connected to an external display (physically or with AirPlay).

edtechchris chris miller projecting yuour macbook or ipad part 2

Sometimes when you connect, you may notice that your colors are wonky.* This typically happens only when connecting to a new type of projector or AirPlay receiver. To fix this, go to Displays again and select the “Color” tab. Click around on the different color presets until you find one that works for both devices.

Note: I have not noticed this problem on iOS devices, just MacBooks.

* wonky is a technical term used by highly educated systems engineers, similar to the military term, SNAFU. Please feel free to use it as often as you wish.

AirPlay on the iPad

AirPlay on the iPad is even simpler. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Control Center. Tap on AirPlay and then select the Apple TV or AirPlay receiver you wish to use. Be sure to turn on Mirroring.

edtechchris chris miller projecting yuour macbook or ipad part 2


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