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Excerpts from the Tech Tips

Want to Use Technology & Don’t Know Where to Start? No Worries!!!

Veteran teachers all across the state have done the heavy lifting for us by creating TASA’s awesome collection of resources in iTunes U. Courses are collections of resources using instructional technology aligned to TEKS standards. The resources are best viewed on an iPad or iPhone, but many can be used on any device.

Seedling Comic Studio

Seedling Comic Studio is new to the App Store for iOS. It does a great job of allowing you or your students to create fun comic books that can be exported as images or as PDFs. Students can use historical or literary figures in the app to create interesting graphic novels or even export image files to App SMASH in iMovie!

Students Can Compete Against Their Best Score in Kahoot!

You can use Kahoot! in class and then have students compete against their best scores by using Ghost Mode. Using this mode makes sure they review each of the questions more than once. Kids still enjoy the activity and stay engaged. Check out MathyCathy’s Blog for directions.
Teachers have a variety of options for connecting their MacBook to a projector depending on the type of projector and network environment. Part 1 of this series looks at plugging in directly to the VGA or HDMI cable. Part 2 looks at projecting wirelessly via Apple TV or apps like Reflector.

Create Fun #EdTech Review Games and Quizzes & Publicly Host in Dropbox

Quiz Game Master is one of many sites on the web that allows you to generate games using your own questions. The cool part about this site is you can download the quiz folder and upload it to your own website. If you don’t have a website, stick it in the Public folder in DropBox. This article will show you how in the steps below.


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