Getting Started with Quizlet

Quizlet is at it’s very basic, a web based flash card generator. Quizlet is much more than this. The site itself allows you to play games and even take tests, all with the click of a button. You can share your card decks and even import and modify decks created by others. Innovative and clever teachers and students have been able to think outside the box and leverage Quizlet in combination with other apps or…

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Resources from Mac OS X: BootCamp

Resources from Mac OS X: BootCamp TCEA 2015 #learnanywhere What happens when I forget what I learned? Apple Learning Series What the Heck is %$#@ and How Do I Use It? What the Heck is the Cloud? Access Apple Apps in the Cloud iTunes Family Sharing Personalizing My Mac with System Preferences Finding My Junk with Spotlight Sharing Stuff with AirDrop Keeping your Mac healthy and happy Verify and Repair with DiskUtility Fix Permissions Reset…

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Virtual Dice On-Line

As requested by Jessie Hooper, here are some sites to find virtual dice to roll. Each of these have animation, which makes the experience a little nicer for the students. Jessie was using these to teach counting to her Pre-K students in centers, but the links can just as easily be used for teaching probability in later grades. Virtual Dice – has a decent animation – not very dice like. – a little more realistic with…

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