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Homework without distractions. Help parents to keep their children focused. Simple to use.

Jamf Parent is a free app that allows you to manage your children’s school-issued mobile devices. Using Jamf Parent, you can restrict and allow apps and device functionality on your children’s devices. You can manage your children’s devices with Jamf Parent during the time periods specified by your school’s Technology department, typically outside of the school day, weekends, and/or holidays. What makes this app amazing is that it gives you simple controls to manage your child’s school-issued iPad so that it suits your family’s unique needs and personal values. Through an intuitive interface, you can restrict which apps your children can access on their devices, receive notifications when your child arrives at school and schedule homework time or bedtime to allow or restrict certain apps. You may need to check with your school’s IT department to find out if they can support the Parent app.

Jamf Parent for iPhone
Use Jamf Parent on your iPhone to intuitively manage your child’s school-issued iPad.

Get the Jamf Parent app from the AppStore for iOS to use on your personal iPhone or iPad.

Click on the link below to download the Jamf Parent app. Once downloaded, simply open the Student app (Jamf School) or the Self Service app (Jamf Pro) on your child’s school-issued iPad to get started. The in-app prompts make it easy.


Jamf Parent Guides: Easy Instructions to Help You Get Started

Jamf School Student app

For Jamf School:

Click the link below if your child’s school-issued iPad has the JamfSchool Student app.

Jamf Pro Self Service app for iOS and iPadOS

For Jamf Pro:

Click the link below if your child’s school-issued iPad has the Jamf Pro Self Service app.


Learn More About Using Jamf Parent to Set Up Your Child’s iPad to Align with Family Needs and Values:

  • Allow and Restrict Apps Individually or by Category
  • Enable App Lock
  • Set Up Device Rules based on location or time of day

Click here to find out more: https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-parent/guide-for-parents/Getting_Started_with_Jamf_Parent.html

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