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Safety and student engagement resources from a talk given during the TASB Winter Governance seminar in Feb. 2019. Leveraging Apple TV schools can deploy feature rich digital signage solutions using the Carousel app. Project A/V over wireless using Apple’s AirPlay. Increase student engagement in classrooms using iPads with Apple Classroom.


  • Essential Question: How can Apple TV help keep our schools safe?
  • Discussion Article: 

Can Apple TV Help Keep Our Children Safe in School? – EdTechChris

Apple TV Classroom Eanes EdTechChris wingov19

  • Carousel Digital Signage App – Demo
  • Solutions for Education:

Carousel Digital Signage – Education

Jamf is a powerful management platform for Apple iPads and MacBooks that allows schools to leverage technology in a meaningful way to impact learning and engagement.

  • How it works
  • Tie in w/ Alertus or similar for one-button alerts across all devices including Apple TV + Carousel + Jamf MDM

Alertus Technologies

  • K-12 Standard Response Protocol

K-12 Standard Response Protocol Toolkit | Texas School Safety Center

Student Engagement

  • Essential Question: How can Apple TV help increase student engagement?


  • AirDrop TechEdge Article – session digital handout
  • Cassie Miller on AirPlay for student engagement – session audio clip

Apple Classroom

Cathy Yenca Talks About Using Apple Classroom

Video content will be uploaded soon. Please check back.

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