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Apple released a series of security updates yesterday. Updates include macOS, iOS, iWork apps, Classroom, Configurator 2, and Server. Not only do these releases contain bug fixes and security vulnerability patches, but also a number of features that will help schools and education. See detailed lists below.

APPLE-SA-2017-03-27-4 iOS 10.3
New restriction to prevent a device from joining unmanaged WiFi networks
New restriction for blocking dictation (useful for testing)
MDM can now shut down and restart devices
MDM can now play a sound with Lost Mode
MDM can push software updates to devices that have a passcode (the user will still need to enter their passcode during the process)

APPLE-SA-2017-03-27 Classroom 2apple classroom 2.0
Unmanaged Classes – Schools that haven’t yet invested in MDM or that have had challenges with roster data can now make unmanaged classes
Offers full Classroom functionality, but students can opt-out of locking apps, locking the device, and initiating AirPlay and/or Screen View
(Please contact me for more details. For schools using managed classes, this will have no effect.)
Teachers can now mute student devices
Enhanced Sharing – Teachers can now share documents with their entire class with just a few taps. Students can likewise very quickly share back to their teacher.

Getting Started Guide for Apple Classroom 2.0

Classroom Help Guide for Version 2.0

APPLE-SA-2017-03-27-3 macOS Sierra 10.12.4, Security Update
2017-001 El Capitan, and Security Update 2017-001 Yosemite
New restriction for TouchID
New granular restrictions over specific iCloud services
tethered-caching, a new command-line tool to assist with mass-deployments and device provisioning, is included in the operating system

APPLE-SA-2017-03-27-6 tvOS 10.2tvOS 2 Apple TV
tvOS now supports DEP enrollment into MDM
tvOS devices can now be supervised
“Zero Touch” setup allows for enrollment into MDM and configuration of the device without ever touching the remote
MDM can restart tvOS devices
MDM can wipe tvOS devices
MDM can name the device, enable AirPlay, and configure Conference Room Display mode with a custom message
New restrictions to configure AirPlay passcode behavior and pairing with the iOS remote app

iWork Pages Keynote Numbers updates




APPLE-SA-2017-03-27-1 iWork*
Ability to use Touch ID to open password protected documents
Support for LaTeX or MathML notation in Pages
Add bookmarks to easily link from one part of your document to another in Pages
New Object List in Keynote makes it easy to select, edit, and organize objects even on complex slides
New option in Keynote to display presenter notes on black background makes them easier to read while presenting in low-light settings
Easily add current or historical stock information to spreadsheets in Numbers
Use the new My Stocks template to easily track a portfolio in Numbers

APPLE-SA-2017-03-27-7 macOS Server 5.3macOS OS X osx server app
Enhanced control over cache size in Caching Server
Support for new iOS, macOS, and tvOS management features if using Profile Manager

Updated Apple Server Help Guide



*See Apple KB articles for more information about iWork updates.

Keynote for Mac release notes
Keynote for iOS release notes
Pages for Mac release notes
Pages for iOS Release Notes
Numbers for Mac release notes
Numbers for iOS release notes
Use Touch ID to open your iWork Documents
Add bookmarks to your document in Pages
Add mathematical equations to your document in Pages
Use the object list to manage objects on Keynote slides
Add current stock quotes and currency exchange rates in to your spreadsheets in Numbers


Shout out to BVZ for compiling nearly all of this!!!

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