self service macOS Eanes jamfpro revealed

click macOS launchpadSelf Service is your one stop shop for software and utilities on your Mac. This application, sometimes referred to as the Eanes AppStore, is similar to the one on your iPad. With macOS, Self Service has additional capabilities and features to make your computing experience a happy one. To get started, simply follow the steps below.

self service icon macOS jamfpro
Click on the Self Service icon in your LaunchPad once it appears.

Click on the LaunchPad icon in your Dock (lower left hand corner of the screen).



Self Service takes a few minutes to install after initially logging into your new MacBook. You can open the app by double clicking on the icon (pictured right) once it appears.


Feel free to explore the links, apps and utilities.


self service macOS Eanes jamfpro revealed

EPAWN network only Eanes eanesisd eisdAny apps that have the blue EPAWN label must be installed while on that network here at EISD. All other resources may be accessed any time you connect to the internet.

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