iOS Restrictions

The list* below includes the tvOS and iOS restrictions you can use to create profiles to lock down or allow various apps, content and settings on managed iPads and Apple TV devices. The first list includes the restrictions for the basic iOS native or general settings. Then come the Application Restrictions. Last are the Media Settings. A list of tvOS specific restriction and restrictions common to both tvOS and iOS follow. This list comes from Jamf Pro MDM, but many MDM systems can do the same things. Apple actually controls what can be restricted. Those of you using Jamf Pro, the list below is very, very similar to what you will find in their product. You can find the full list of commands available to developers for configuration profiles in this article.

This list has been updated as of 3/26/2018 for iOS 10.2.6 and Jamf Pro 10.3 – be sure to check back periodically for updates. Also, check up Jamf’s release notes:’s_New.html

 iOS Restrictions

Core Apps*

Purchases, iTunes, iBooks

iCloud, Syncing and Backup

iOS System Supervision and Security

 AirPlay, AirPrint, Find My Friends, Apple Watch

Keyboard, AutoCorrect, Control Center

Defer Software Updates

(iOS 11.3 and later, supervised only)

Application iOS Restrictions


Media iOS Restrictions

Ratings regionSets the region for the ratings
Allowed content ratingsSets the maximum allowed ratings
TV Shows

tvOS Restrictions

iOS and tvOS Restrictions

Check out my article for info about deploying tvOS devices in a K-12 enviornment.
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