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#Classof2015 2015 graduation Highschool Sanger SHS #UCARedTook Time off to be a Dad!

I took a little time off from blogging recently to enjoy my youngest daughter’s senior year in high school. (Go #Classof2015 ) It’s really nice sometimes to stop and smell the roses. I have two children who for the grace of God take more after their mother than they do their father.
If you have never experienced your child’s senior year, it is a very busy time filled with opportunities to create some awesome memories. It is important to savor that since it goes by so quickly! I am much closer to this graduating class of my daughter’s friends and their parents than I was for my other daughter. I am not sure exactly why, but we all bonded when they were very little. The nice thing about raising kids in a small school is that you can really get to know the students and their families. I will miss these young men and women. I am comforted by the knowledge that they will begin their lives with a solid education and the self confidence and security that comes from growing up loved in a community that supports them.
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