Stop Motion Studio App Tips for EdTech iBooks Author Project

Stop Motion Studio iOS iPad App Tips | EdTech iBooks Author Project | English Language Arts Students | Sanger ISD

This post looks at smoothing out animation when using the Stop Motion Studio iOS app on the iPad. It is written for the students in Mrs. Cassie Miller’s English Language Arts class in Sanger ISD.

Fixing jerky, unnatural motion or animation going too fast

Basically this is the same issue. Having an understanding of what frames are to a movie will significantly help you with this project. Basically video is made up of a series of still photos played back to back, really fast. There is a definite sweet spot when it comes to the number of pictures or frames per second. I prefer 24 frames per second. If your animation is jerky, or seems to move too fast, try increasing the number of frames per second and duplicate some of the frames to smooth things out. Click on the image below for an Infographic that will walk you through the steps.
Stop Motion Studio iOS Tutorial