Managing storage on an iOS device can seem tricky at times especially when you get notifications that iCloud is getting full and/or try to do an update only to have it stopped because you do not have enough free space. Once you cut through all the ambiguity, it is pretty easy to understand and manage.

iOS devices typically use 2 types of storage, device storage and cloud storage. Managing both types of storage can be done through the Settings app. Device storage refers to what is actually on your device. iCloud storage refers to the initial 5 Gb of space each person is given when they create an iTunes account. It is used for backing up your devices, but also for syncing data and apps between devices. To upgrade your phone, you needn’t worry about iCloud storage. The following infographic will walk you through the process of cleaning out the device storage on your iPhone or iPad.

Cleaning Out Your iPhone or iPad Storage EdTech

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